Friday, September 10, 2010

At it Again

So this afternoon found me making cupcakes...again. 3 weeks ago I was making 200+ cupcakes for my 2nd youngest sister's wedding (with the help of the lovely and talented Elizabeth), and the experience concluded with me pleased and proud, covered from head to toe in icing sugar and completely, 100% cupcaked OUT.

Still, here I am today making 5 dozen for the boys to sell at our neighbourhood combined garage sale tomorrow (Christmas fund!), and an extra dozen for us to scarf down ourselves (because obviously yes, my hips totally need another layer of buttercream).

You may have noticed that this has become a bit of a thing for me, and it all started with this book. I swear the day I bought it the angels choired, and stars somewhere collided. How many years of fruitlessly struggling to make decent cakes without eggs?! And now a whole book of quality working recipes (because there are a lot of really cruddy eggless/vegan recipes and cookbooks out there). When a cookbook ends up looking like this, you know it's gotta be good:

Anyway, cupcake recipes with no eggs, safe for my boys, and a mom who loves baking = serendipity.

 And here I am at bedtime (I started this blogpost at approx 2:00pm). Cupcakes made and decorated, adorable banner created by sons, a garage full of formerly loved, chipped and besmirched toys (nothing ends up mint in the box around here! Sorry Uncle Craig, you should see the sad, sad super hero graveyard from all your generous gifts of yesteryears. It would make a collector snotty bawl and tear their hair!) all priced to clear, two zonked boys upstairs and two exhausted parents ready for some red wine and Dr. Who before they hit the hay. Hope your weekends are good.

... and keep your fingers crossed for two shy, yet determined boys manning a cupcake stand tomorrow (brisk sales and no jerks would be real nice!).


  1. *waves wand* brisk sales and no jerks it is!!! have fun!!! <3

  2. Those wedding cupcakes look spectacular, well done! I made sure I read your post about your boys life threatening allergies, powerful and perceptive. I so appreciate the wisdom that you come at life with and I gain new insight and appreciation for the fragility and wonder of life. Thank you..

  3. wow! those cupcakes are amazing! I would have given up after like...12. I am not a kitchen person. Congrats for you :)

  4. Goodgodawmighty! Do you EVER have any down time? The first picture made me bark with a big smile on my face. Smark! How cozy is the look of that recipe book. OMG. I can feel it coming. It's mid-September! But it's freezing here (oh sorry, well it's chilly) and this s/b the hottest hottest time of year. September and October are hot misery. But I'm shivering. Not that I'm complaining but still, weird. AND it's making me, you know, xmassy. Ruh Roh. d

  5. they look fabulous and I understand your dilemma, i am still working on the gluten free baking thingy... sigh.. xox

  6. Thanks guys! It went really well. Big success. And the boys knocked our socks off with all their math and customer-handling skillz!

    @Bren Thanks for your kind words regarding that allergy post. It was a hard one to write, but has become one of my favourites.

    @Deb Christmas! I know, soooo too early. But we are already working on that Christmas zine, and I can feel the first faint tingles of x-mas-itis coming on...


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