Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Turning Over

So I've been sitting here with hands poised over keyboard for several minutes...coming back after a considerable break I feel like I should be saying something...you know, something pithy, heartfelt, amusing.


But me no write so good today. Me no think so good today. I am one housebound, sleep deprived mommy, and I can hear the wheels creaking reluctantly in my own brain as I try to squeeze out anything coherent. I would walk away and try again another day, but I confess I've already done that a couple of times.

So fuck it. Coherence and clarity are overrated anyway.

On the brain today:

-the reentry into school. The dudes actually don't go back for their first full days until Thursday. The next 2 days are meetings with the school. I am cautiously optimistic, and quite determined, and brimful of anxiety.

-the weather has turned like a switch being flipped, temperature has dropped 10 degrees, geese on the wing, clouds in the sky

-sleep. Fingers crossed that the exhaustion of school helps to bump E back out of his insomnia, this is what happened last year (although the anxiety and sleeplessness were not nearly as severe).

-Fall nesting. I have urges to reorganize and paint and clean. I've already done the boys' rooms and my new spare room/studio. Cleaned every inch, hauled out embarrassingly large bags of garbage, gave away a tonne of stuff and it felt great. My room is next.  I also desperately want new flooring for my kitchen/family room/entrance, and funds are low, so the plan is to take a whack at some tile-laying ourselves. I can't wait to replace the stained carpet and crappy yellowing lino!

-speaking of my new art area:

The pottery in the cabinet (2nd shelf from top) are E&L originals).

Lots more room on the wall for art. *hint, hint* I just stuck up a couple of favs and WIPs for now.

Happiness is Golden paints all in a row.

New project: a little book named "Impulse". More on this to come.

Closet. A place for everything and everything in its place, including Dr. Seuss.

E has been retreating here, since this room is adjacent to ours. Note the Asterix comix. That's muh boy.

Waiting to be properly hung. By Jon Muth.

Alice, also waiting (I have had this for years on end). And a shelf of overflow children's books.
The wall colour is a little deeper IRL, and there is a large sunny window. I love it up there, but it still remains to be seen about whether it is too far off my daily path or not (daily path being kitchen/laundry/family room/kitchen...you moms know the drill). I have done almost no art over the past month, but will soon be back to the regular routine.

-The Christmas Zine, inspired by SisterDiane at CraftyPod, self and family are working on one for this holiday season, and the daily phone calls with The Dancing Queen have already begun.

-the Super Awesome Confunding and Inspiring Harry Potter themed 5 person birthday party. To coincide with the Deathly Hallows movie release, I am planning a combined b-day party for self, Dad and sisters, all of whom have birthdays ranging from end of October to December 24th and dig the HP (but honestly ANY excuse for a HP party would do!). Treacle tarts, pumpkin pasties and magic of all varieties!

OK that's about it. Summer waning. Onwards to new and same, pleasure and growth. And back to blogging and arting and reading my face off (I have been book-lite this summer and I am feeling the lack!).

*feels brain lurch and squeak and start slowly turning over again*


  1. YAY! So glad you are back. I LOVE your Art Corner/Room. So pretty and organized. That Alice in Wonderland print makes my heart lurch in my throat. It reminds me so much of you that I can't imagine you not having it.

  2. your studio space is glorious. so organized and soothing. the row of goldens made my mouth water :) and that bed? can I come over and nap on it pleezeeee?!

    let's hope this week goes nice and smooth and the boys fall into their new routines as anxiety free as possible.

    nice to have you back!

  3. i've missed you!!!! Thanks for checking in on me :) Great to see the stuff you are up to. I hope the first few days of school goes ok for your boys.

  4. Oh welcome back! Thanks for the update, the sharing, the pictures. Your art space has me feeling like I'm seriously missing something in my life. Maybe its the Golden paints all in a row! Must. Get. Some!
    Hope school starts off easy and the boys transition is a piece of cake. Sleep well, all of you.

  5. yes i hope you are all abed with visions of hp in your heads

    amazing art space, and dr suess too? the ser approves.

    so much afoot in the world of you dear e, i marvel that you stay on top of it all!!


  6. it's so..... tidy! was i sleep-cleaning again?

    looks great. it may be off the path of purpose, but i'm sure you can make it work. it's nice to have a zone of one's own.

  7. Thank you so much for all the welcome backs! Makes my transition from summer-land to the real world much, much, much more pleasant!

  8. I love the art room. The paint color!!! It reminds me of Keely's. So very very tidy. All the things you mentioned that make me feel the change of seasons, geese, school, the DQ and Xmas zine!! I hope you share that one when done. So jealous over the HP party. Soooo jealous. You have an original from your Jon Muth!? Wowza. d

  9. the space! wow, love the color, the organization, looks like a breath of fresh air.

    The christmas zine sounds so pretty exciting (but a bit too much like work to me!) and I look forward to seeing more about yours!

    I'm a bit late, but still happy to see you back to blogging again. I missed you!


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