Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making Magic

There is nothing I like better than the act of making something out of nothing (well, sex...I like sex better, but this is a close second). One minute you have a recycle bin and some craft paint and the next, presto, chango, a whole entirely new something. It's a great feeling. I am in love with that feeling! That craft MacGuyver, I can make  something amazing out of a bottle cap and some Elmer's glue vibe. And if you can use that creative ingenuity magic to conjure up something that is actually magical then it is double rainbow, double win!

Yesterday afternoon, with instructions from the brilliant website dadcando:  (don't be put off by the paid subscription, you can purchase the projects individually too, and from what I have seen so far they are well worth it)
Ta da wands!

From top to bottom:

Rosewood & Phoenix feather 10 ¼"
Mahogany & Dragon Heartstring 9 ½”
Ash & Unicorn Hair 12 ¾”
Willow & Unicorn Hair 11 ¾”
Holly & Dragon Heartstring  11 ½”

Oak & Phoenix Feather 12"
Elder & Thestral Hair 13 ¼”
Ash & Thestral Hair 11 ¼”
Vine & Dragon Heartstring  
10 ¾”
Cherry & Dragon Heartstring 10 ½”  

Made by E&L for themselves.
From top: E's Walnut & Dragon Heartstring 14"
L's Walnut & Thestral Hair  14"(which looks suspiciously like a light sabre funnily enough)
Note: they both insisted on having the longest wand...apparently that's a guy thing...
I had a heck of a time photographing these (I think the auto focus on my camera is going), so I am not sure if the full scope of awesome translates, but they look really cool IRL! Like authentic old and magical, even a bit dangerous wizard's wands. And they are made of paper, and are easy peasy. We had so much fun with this! Next up will be a wand box for each to make then look like the genuine Ollivander's article.

OK I'm off to try to cast scourgify on my messy house with my new wand...fingers crossed...


  1. okay, now that really blew me away, made from paper! They look like carved wood, so rich with patina. can't wait to see those boxes! The boys did an awesome job with theirs too.

  2. umm....AWESOME!!! Those are made with paper?!

    I saw the picture and immediately went "Oh man, I hope those are Harry Potter wands." teehee.

    I also laughed out loud at "Double rainbow, double win!"

  3. Thanks guys! They were so fun to make. The wand boxes much, much less fun. *grumble*

    And Dawn, I love that double rainbow video! I can't even say how much. That level of unabashed enthusiasm and wonder so cool, and hilarious.

  4. Those are some very cool wands, Evangeline. I can't get over how creative some people are, and you especially.

  5. mcgyvers got nothing on you, you craft goddess!! these are magical and very cool!! xox

  6. i want one now!! these are so amazing =D go team E

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