Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Crafty Mama

No art. It has been drier than Tatooine around here for art lately. (10 points if you got the Star Wars reference) I am not blocked per se, but I do think that moving shop has messed up all the good habits I had constructed to support myself in regularly making art, and since all the crafting has been satisfying the creative itch I have had no motivation to form new habits yet. BUT I have signed/am about to sign up for two art courses:

The lovely & talented Willowing (AKA Tam) is offering a free course on art & healing. Almost 700 students already! I am fascinated to see how it all plays out.

And Julie & Chris have recently announced "Texture Town" and it looks amazing! My type of thing to a tee, and  exactly what I need to get the painting flowing again

So expect more art soon.

In the meantime craftiness has abounded. I feel like I am on the clock with the madness of signing up for 2 art classes in addition to the Christmas Zine and all the prep for the Potter party, along with the full on hustle of my hectic day to day (unbusy has rather gone out the window lately). So I am trying to knock as many things off my project list as possible right now.

Wand boxes

The making of these boxes had a directly inverse relationship to the making of the wands on the ol' E fun-o-meter. In other words, it was awful! (grrr, @#%*) As soon as a project requires exact measurements and careful cutting I burn with impatience! I tried so hard to be adult and meticulous about it, but alas I am all thumbs and dyscalculia, and created one flaw after the next. Still if you squint a bit, the overall effect is pretty good, and they will make an integral addition to our party cosplay. (can't say yet because of spoilers, but oh the plans we have!!) And they are done. Checkmark on the list. Cheers and back pats all round.


These were much easier. I knocked them out yesterday in between laundry, supper, homework and driving kids around. The instructions were also from (except for the wings which I modified), and all went well except for the visual/spatial reasoning issues creeping up on me again (mirror image, quoi?!). But perfection is not the goal, right?

The Zine

Just getting started on it. A couple more HP projects and then I dig in in earnest. And Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend (there are expectations of pumpkin AND apple pie), and Halloween is also just around the corner (apparently I am making 2 zombie costumes?), plus there's the real work to be gotten done, window sills, garage door and deck needs painting, house messy as hell, 2 boys who need a vast and ever changing variety of things, a husband who has been ill....

*runs off in search of paper bag to breath into*

I will manage it. I always do somehow, and I am not giving up the things that make me happy, like the art classes and the crazy OTT party! I guess that's my ode to unbusy. My time is full to busting, but a big part of that is at least my own choosing. Now, off the computer and to work.


  1. mmmm all that texture sounds tempting. good luck getting back in the swing of it.

  2. Wow. The art alone. The resourceful craftiness and planning! The drawrings! the snitches! the togetherness and wonderfulness of it all. Forget painting sills and garages, that can wait for all this other magical stuff.
    I'm finding the best things I do are the things I do with and for my peoples. The same stuff I always do, sure, but I'm choosing to do it in gladness for a while, for a change. Fall is a busy, busy time, especially while the magic still lives. This may be the last Halloween my daughter still cares! Must bake spider and ghost cookies and pull out some decorations and soon! Happy sewing, happy fall, happy busy unbusy. Hope hubs is getting better and you no longer need your paper bag. Hugs!

  3. WOW! You ARE one crafty mama!!! Those wand boxes are awesome enough to make it to HP land! (To which I want to go to SO BADDDDDDD)

    You are doing Julie's and Willowing's class?! Dang it! I want to do Julie's I think...I just have to scare up so money.

  4. wands and snitches and zines, oh my! such awesomeness, even it the wands made you crazy lol

  5. Even though you had to do the dreaded measuring and accuracy stuff (hate hate hate too), they sure came out swell. What is that, wood-grain contact paper? And the labels are awesome. I believe those wands are going to actually work. All it's going to take is practice! Mwaahaaahaaa.The snitches are adorable. I'm with Mel, leave the house maintenance chores 'til later, Spring maybe. Enjoy this crazy busyness! Wow. deb

  6. Wow! You have your hands full with all that's going on! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your boys.

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