Friday, October 29, 2010

Putting Out

I knew that if there was anything that was going to get me back at my art desk it was a class by Julie and Chris. And boy, was I right! Inspiring, challenging and just chock full of techniques that are directly applicable to the artworks I do and want to do...I am back on the painting wagon. Painting my little heart out just trying to keep up with the assignments, and bursting with ideas for what I want to paint when I am back on my own time.

Output. It just feels good to be making lots of art again.

Full Circle Back to Home
8x10" acrylic/collage on canvas

From Away
9x9" acrylic on watercolour paper

And happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Look at how different those textures look! And you're probably using the same goop, hey? But canvas and paper base makes a big difference. Color too, I guess. Very inneresting. Glad to hear you're on full blast! deb

  2. I love these, your colour combos and texturing is wonderful. Big case of envy going on, wish I could take the course right along with you. Julie & Chris know how to get a person into full swing artistically. Glad you're feeling the flow again :-)

  3. Stellar texture. These are pieces I would definitely want to see (and touch) in person.

  4. Fantastic, Evangeline!! Chris and I are so thrilled that you are painting and have a great time! Happy Halloween :)

  5. from away. i want it. imagine it framed with a beautiful white mat and black frame? Teh awesome. I always love sitting back and checking out your posts. such inspiration. xo, me.

  6. Beautiful texture - I love the layer upon layer. AND, I have dropped by E. to also thank you x 1000000 for your butterflies - they arrived today and I have photographed each one (thanks too to Liam and Elliot!) The update should be finished by this evening.
    Lethbridge continues to blow! :0)

  7. ooh so gorgeous!!! i want to be in this class!!! *stomps foot*

  8. putting out eh? i'd wager the dh likes that form of art stimulation =P

    yes i am terrible BUT I COULDN'T RESIST

    <--bad seed

    (you love me anyway right??)


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