Thursday, October 14, 2010

Texture Trip

Looking around me with my "art eyes" on this morning. 

Thinking about texture for my Texture Town course.


  1. oooh lovely textures, makes me want to reach out and touch!! xo

  2. Wowee Zowee. Look at them colors and textures. Has your texture class started? You're "all dressed up and ready to learn." :-D

  3. oh man, you're doing it?! dang!

  4. Thanks Teach! :)

    And I am "all dressed up and ready to learn"! (Deb, that was still the most fun I have evah had online!!)

    @Dawn It looks like it is going to be one fantastic class. Maybe even rivaling Layer Love as my fav...maybe. Wish you could take it too!

  5. Just love the variation of texture in all of the subjects you selected to
    photograph! From the book, shell, wood, and rusted metal ( is that cement too?)- all just wonderful to look at and imagine them in person!!


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