Monday, October 11, 2010

Time and Longing


Today's art journal page. I've been watching a lot of Dr. Who lately, and I think that's seeping through...

Today I was painting, (outside...a garage door...not this) and I was suddenly struck by a fearful longing. I wanted to paint! Not the garage door...but really paint, on canvas or paper, with many colours, and to create a piece of art. I could have cried. I could have sat right down in the driveway and bawled my eyes out, the longing was so piercing and so deep. Why have I been avoiding my art desk? Why have I not been making time? I don't know exactly what it was...the heft of a paint brush in my hand, the way the acrylic insinuated itself into every crevice of the wood, like butter melting...but I wanted to make art so badly I could feel the weight of it sitting in my chest and burning behind my eyes. That garage door is lucky that it didn't end up with an aged patina, splodges of cobalt blue and the remaining pages of "1984" matte medium-ed to it! But no, a nice sedate creamy-beige, and I scooped up my art journal, practically whimpering with anticipation, as soon as I was done.

Clearly I need to paint more, art not garages, although the garage door looks pretty darn good too.


  1. that'll teach ya t' bust my tomater!

    FINALLY! see what happens when we neglect that part of ourselves? Brenda Blethyn in Secrets & Lies! 'Wot you mean, swwweeet'aaahht? Ah-hoo hoo hoooo'

    no wonder i've been sitting on the kitchen floor, sobbing into a bag of chips....

  2. i love the way you described that. and your art page is lovely. wonderful color and depth. good for you for making time. and painting the garage. you rock!

  3. wow. powerful. i'm still waiting for that to hit me.

  4. I love this one. Look at the light in it! You got zapped and put it on paper. Cool! deb

  5. on a serious note (kind of), your new piece recalls a time of crazy talk, planning, creating pathways. it could be a bit of my backwards-looking melancholy talking, but i see your eyeballs in this, synapses firing off.. laser light show ala Bill Sienkiewicz' Dazzler illustrations (AHH! lame comic book reference! kind of kidding about the Dazzler thing... but only kind of).

    let's say 'less For Better Or For Worse and more Bill The Cat'
    how did this devolve? i wanted this to be a proper critique! what is wrong with me? ban me!

  6. Nope. No banning. I love your madcappery too much. :)


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