Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It Will Always Out


More on the external vs internal imagery. I used my underpainting to do some monoprinting as I went, and I really like seeing both together. The internal workings obscured and then revealed, like the selves we present to the world as opposed to how we feel it from the inside, or all the cold & snow I see outside as opposed to the bright vistas in my mind's eye. (and yes, you can see cold. If you don't believe me, hop on a plane right now. I dare you. I am sure flights to my neck of the woods are dirt cheap at the moment, and you can see what -46C looks like!)

And yes, that is voluntary pink!


  1. what a unique colour pallet, love it. The greys over the hot pinks are just wonderful together. You are a lot further north than I, but I'm still enjoying our East cost winter here in Canada :-)

  2. i bet you can see cold there! love to see you with so much arting afoot =) i think the pink and black tree one is my fav today. stark and cheerful at once--i feel a resonance for some reason, and i am a tree freak lol

  3. What beautiful works- and I love juxtaposition of our external vs internal being. I can see the frigid cold nature of the second piece with the tree. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your dear comment! So much appreciated!

  4. I prefer the top abstract. Really nice!


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