Friday, January 21, 2011

Joy Whenever


Yesterday I noticed a plump little chickadee landing on my deck railing. I felt sorry for the little guy. It was around -34C out there and the snow caught on the railing top came over his head, and I thought of how hard it must be for all the tiny creatures who live around here to weather these harsh conditions.Then I noticed that he was bathing in the snow. Wriggling and dancing, preening his wings. Looking as happy and comfortable, and well adapted as indeed he is.

So this morning with a sore neck, sore back, 1sick kid, 1 crabby kid, husband traveling on icy roads, miserably cold weather and way too much to do today, I am trying to remember that I am very well adapted to this life, and I can find joy whenever too.

Also it's Friday!

And that helps a lot.


  1. wonderful!! you got it!! xo
    have you read, Choosing Easy World by Julia Rogers Hamrick...
    i think you would really like it... muah!

  2. Super cute painting, Evangeline!

  3. How cute is this bird. You do c.o.l.d. so well! Friday, hey? I 'm a couple days late. You ARE so well adapted! I can't get that frozen photo of you guys playing outside at xmas out of my mind. OMG. It's just not humanly possibly. But apparently, I'm wrong. :-) deb

  4. Always knew there was a reason I liked chickadees ... They like snow that much? Cool! Also cool is your artistic rendering of this bird. :-)


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