Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting Ugly


The ass end of winter, if you'll pardon my colourful terminology. That's where we are at. Still cold. Bloody, mofo, chill you to the bone cold. Bedraggled banks of snow, covered in dirt and sand, embedded with pieces of garbage that blew away on 4 months worth of recycling days. 5 foot tall banks of dirty snow lining every road, higher than that in some places...6 foot, seven foot, taller than a man, taller than my car. It's ugly. There's no two ways around that. No romanticising it. Butt ugly, ass end, grime and muck and hard grey snow. This is the point where it feels that Spring will never come. The point where it gets hard to imagine that we won't just go on like this in the cold, getting grimier and grimier forever.

And that's my external inspiration for today.

For some Spring hope, go to visit my friend Mel's wonderful, wonderful blog. Her magical photos are helping me to believe in a Spring that seems about as close and likely as Rivendell and Sandy Claus.


  1. :) I was reading along, lamenting our last piles of filthy snow, and feeling your pain, as my Canadian transplant best friend was just telling me how ridiculously cold it's been in BC, and I told her where you were and she said Ohhh, it's way worse there in the tundra! And then I got to your sweet comment about my blog, thanks. I needed a smile. I was out taking more pictures today, had my glasses on my head because I couldn't see well with them for close ups, got sidetracked cleaning up some dead branches that had fallen down, about an hour later realized my glasses were missing. An hour and a half later, I think I've seen every inch of my acre of woods, even took a few more pics, but alas, no glasses. So, there's that lovely little twist to my day. I'm hoping you get your thaw and melt and sunshine soon. Now off I go to look for my glasses, which cost a small fortune.
    Love the painting.

  2. we haven't even had a chance to see the dirt piles yet because IT KEEPS ON SNOWING.

    the big dirt pile taller than any car or man is the big dirt pile sitting on my soul.


  3. @Mel Hope you found those glasses! How maddening. I guess at least it gives you an excuse to be outside longer.

    @ch Yup, we got more snow last night. Guess it's not quite so ugly today. Is this a bright side?

  4. You surely have described the tail end of winter well. Love the piece you did, it's beautiful.


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