Monday, February 28, 2011

Ridiculous and Many Splendored

So much for my food blogging, eh?

It came down to a choice between being fully present in the moment, or taking time out to document the moment as it passed. I opted for just being there.

I am full of things to say. Things about love and humanity. Things about the deep good it does those of us who view ourselves as strong and able, to take the time to care for those who may not be. I want to talk about humility and service, celebration, bodies, food and the cooking of it, sore necks, bathroom accidents, anxiety, excitement, making friends with cats (and bunnies), openness, quiet pleasures, old books, new books, hours in the bookstore with too many choices on our hands, the Doctor, all things strange like standing by the highway with a half naked girl in the snow and the arbitrary unfairness of report cards and the forging of connections on paths as tangled and pitted and crossed with roots as those in the oldest, densest forest you have been to...paths difficult but not impassable, mysterious and full of their own odd magnificence.

Vulnerability. I am awash with the beauty of it and It Itself. I could crawl into bed and cry for a week.

What a world. What a world. And how to help and what to teach in such a world as this?

But I am not all maudlin. I could cry for a week, but I could laugh for at least an hour or two. Did I mention standing on the side of the highway with a half naked girl in the snow? I can't give details out of respect and privacy, but suffice it to say that the sheer slapstick absurdity of that moment may have been unmatched since the Three Stooges graced the big screen, and there was a blissfully complete and utter lack of embarrassment on the part of the girl in question. Ah Life, I tell ya, you are a ridiculous and many splendored thing.

So full of things to say that I can't really even say them. Thank goodness for my art journal, but first cleaning, appointments and getting organized for the week, so I will leave you with one of the sister journal pages that was completed last weekend. The theme, fittingly enough, was connections.


  1. What I wouldn't give for a carefree afternoon over a cup of tea to hear you tell of it all, to laugh and cry with you. There is much muchness afoot, isn't there?
    Glad you had some quality time with the DQ, looking forward to you catching your breath, catching up, and hopefully catching us up in bits and pieces. And the art. Ooooh.

  2. That would be abSOlutely delightful, O Mel-iest of Mels. :)

    I hope you are feeling better, and the bubons are all gone.

  3. much muchness afoot indeed! i want to be in on that tea time for sure! also glad you enjoyed the delightful dq. <3

  4. Well it looks as if I am going to HAVE to call you now. Because that's just not a story that I'm willing to live my life without hearing.


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