Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meandering Avoiders Anonymous

Hello my name is E, and I am a meandering avoider. (credit to Mr. C. H. for the term)

And this poor blog has become yet another thing to avoid as I meander.

Hallo Blog. I am sorry. It's not you. It's me. Seriously, you're great. I'm just not that into the whole self examination thing right now. Have you seen it outside? It's insanely beautiful. It's gorgeous. Best fall evah -a riot of colour, bright sun-filled days, crisp air, azure sky. I'm busy and grateful and stressed out and happy, and the days are over in a breath and a heartbeat.

Plus I have no art for you, and that makes me feel guilty. I hate to feel guilty, so I avoid, and the circle spirals down. The truth is dear Blog, my energy and interest have been going elsewhere. I wouldn't call it cheating per se, but I confess, I have been seeing another blog, my trip blog. Don't worry, it's only a temporary fascination, you are still my first love! But until this trip is over, I'm afraid I'm not going to have as much time for you as I should.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from Hobbit day. I know it isn't art, and I didn't even remember to get pics of the food, but it was a wonderful day! I made fresh bread and apple butter, sausages, mushrooms, cheese, herbs and salad, and honey cake with blackberry sauce and cream for dessert. We raised a glass of the Old Winyards, and Frodo and Bilbo sent us each a present in honour of their birthday (how they got it from the Undying Lands to here, I'll never know!). We went on a long hobbit walk through the forest, and then spent the whole weekend after playing a Tolkein themed DnD adventure set in the Shire. Twas an excellent time.

And I'll be ready for making art again soon, I can feel it in my bones. The old creative beast stirs, and rubs it's sleep-filled eyes, but meandering avoiders are slow, and slowly the beast awakens.

So my dear Blog, that I do love so much, hang tight. I'm still here, and I don't want to break up. I just need a lot of space right now.

Hobbits in the Woody End.
Note: exactly 3 days after this the leaves changed. It was incredible, one day green and the next all golden, crimson and copper .


  1. we meander we avoid but when we hunker down look what we create.

    apple butter? yes, please!

  2. wander away guilt free, sweet one. life is one big ebb and flow :)

    your hobbit adventure sounds AMAZING! Seriously, you have the BEST ideas ever :)


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