Friday, November 18, 2011

Happiness is a Box of Crackers

I am in a blisteringly good mood today.

And why shouldn't I be? So much to look forward to. So much to be thankful for.

It is 8 short days until our family trip to Florida. The i's have been dotted and the t's have been crossed. I've turned this trip all around in my hands to look at from every angle, dismantled and put it back together countless times, polishing every piece as I go -it should work. Better than that, it should run well, fast and smooth like the meticulously tuned engine it is.

My boys have had so many ups and downs this fall. High highs and low lows. Every week it's been something new. Thank goodness for excellent therapists and the choice which allows me to be at home full time. They've needed 100% effort and attention. I can happily say they are thriving.

On our kitchen table right now is a small tower of boxes and packages. Allergy safe, prepackaged foods for the boys own private trip stash. It is strange to say how happy that stack of cookies and crackers, pretzels and craisins is making the boys and I. I think partly because it is tangible evidence that we are really going -nothing so abstract as plans and bookings, or even tickets, but real, solid foodstuffs to eat then and there in Florida. But the main reason it is happy and excitement-making is because it represents safety and comfort. Tactile proof that the boys needs will be taken care of on this trip. They will be safe. There will be enough familiarity to be comfortable with the unfamiliar. They will have fun.

8 more days!


  1. Hooray for crackers! Nothing says roadtrip to me like snacks for the journey!
    I hope you have the best weather and the best time in Florida. Don't forget to sample the local produce. I'm still savoring some orange blossom honey from March, but I recommend the Tupelo as the best :)
    I know your planning will pay off in spades.
    (what the heck does that cliche mean anyway??)
    I'm glad you've had the highs to balance the lows. And your boys won the mom lottery when they got you.
    Now go have a great time!
    Safe travels, can't wait for the details when you return.

  2. Thanks Mel. :) Planning on hitting a citrus grove the 1st day, and yes the highs more than make up for the lows don't they?

  3. Not sure how long you were going for, but know all of your exacting preparations were well worth it and that your boys will do fine! I go to Florida dec 20 and looking forward to it too! Let us know how your trip went and to what part of Florida. I'm going to Delray Beach! Happiest of holidays!


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