Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Nerdmas!

Since we got back from our holiday (which was fantastic, BTW!), we've been decompressing with quiet pursuits. Watching Big Bang Theory (the boys love this show! And no wonder...we find Sheldon very easy to relate to around here...), playing Minecraft, reading Lord of the Rings -y'know, nerd stuff.

I have never approached the Christmas season less involved, less prepared or more relaxed. It has been kind of lovely to do everything a bit backwards this year, and to forgo anything and everything that we aren't in the mood for. For example the tree got a resounding "yes", but the other decorations...meh, not this year. Watching holiday shows also got a big fat "meh", exception being the Doctor Who Christmas Special! (like I said in the title, it's a nerdmas.) Baking treats...natch. Mailing X-mas cards...nein. We will forgo the Christmas Tree Festival, but still plan on our pilgrimage to the food bank (of course). Buying presents for each other -not so much so, but we got some cool stuff in Florida for teachers, helpers etc.

We aren't travelling to spend Christmas with sisters & parents this year either, and this is bittersweet. I love spending time with them, and I wouldn't want to do it this way every year, but for one year? A quiet Christmas with just the four of us sounds like heaven. We have big plans involving food, video games and more food. The boys want all the traditional Christmas fare, and I'm happy to oblige, and they don't know it yet, but we got them a new game system. Shhhhhh. We weren't supposed to buy anything, Florida being our present this year. They are such good, non stuff-oriented kids. They didn't even flinch when a visiting kid exclaimed with horror, "Is that all you have under your tree?! Where are your presents?!" (this kid went to Florida twice last year, and had a bigger Christmas than our kids have/will ever see...oh the joys of wealthy, divorced parents!). The grandparents who didn't go on the trip with us wanted to go in on something, and we found we didn't want to say no. We wanted to say "YES", and so we did, and I am excited. I think gift giving is the most fun when there is absolutely no expectations of receiving.

Anyhoo, we are well, and happily relishing home and hearth after being away. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas...or nerdmas if you will.

Nerd-gerbread Cookies, a gift for E&L's nerdy cool EA.
From left to right: Howard, Leonard (top), Sheldon & Raj



  1. Merry Nerdmas to you too! I am not feeling the festivities this year either, and if it weren't for the littlest, there might not be a tree beyond the potted 10" tree I bought at the grocery store. None of the usual decor, none of the traditional fuss, no cards, minimal shopping - just going with the flow.

    I am enjoying the heck out of your trip blog, and am reliving my own sunny Disney memories through yours. Just so you know, I got turned around and lost daily while I was there. It was maddening, but I came to expect it and plan for the extra travel time. The roads there are so disorienting.

    Enjoy your scaled back Christmas, and thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  2. I am so glad you're enjoying the trip blog! It's so detail-heavy I wasn't sure it'd be the least bit interesting to anyone who wasn't actually on said trip. Boy did we have fun! The poor DQ is having a terrible time reintegrating into regular life. She told me she NEEDS to go back. I guess we'll see..going home to Nova Scotia and renting a shack by the beach sounds more my speed for our next vacay...

    I hope your Christmas is marvellous! Scaled back FTW.

    (and I should probably go say all this on your blog because you're probably not checking comments here!)

  3. Am too checking comments here! Poor DQ, I know what she means. I just bough a pomelo from the grocery store and it was a pale comparison to the fresh Florida one I had in March.
    Next year we are running away for Christmas, I already got DH to agree. We're thinking southern california or thereabouts. I'm not particular, just need sand, sun, palm trees and an ocean that is not the Atlantic.
    Have a relaxing, refreshing Christmas!

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  5. Happy Christmas, E! I love those cookies; what a wonderful idea. I have been Major Bleh in Bahumbug Army, blue from being seperated from the GF, blue from spending too much time alone in my mom's house, blue, blue, blue. Much to my surprise, I've had a great weekend. GF and I spent a ton of time on Skype, washing dishes, reading our christmas cards, sipping coffee, meal prep, etc. That helped alot. With much encouragement and friends loaning me their car, I ended up having some very lovely visits with family in the area. And then home to barbque, spend more time online with GF, and now I've just emailed a short video singing "Here comes Santa Claus" and my playing and singing is so bad it feels terribly mischieveous and wonderful.

    Happy Christmas!
    P.S. I'm loving the detail of your travel log and I've never been to Florida.

  6. God your family sounds AWESOME. And of course they would be, with you at the helm. Merry Christmas, my beautiful friend.


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