Wednesday, April 29, 2009

30 Day Art Challenge: Day 2

Today was a really good day! I had an afternoon date with my husband (coffee and shopping), I bought new glasses (the last time I did this was in 2001, so I think I am due for new ones!), I had cheerful cooperative children (it's gotta happen occasionally), I signed up for Julie Prichard's upcoming online class (so excited!), I made art and got 2 really cool things in the mail (3 if you count the DH's new art for his collection that came as well!).

Today's artwork:

Also done in my quotation journal. The quote is:

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.
~Matsuo Basho

And in the mail was some awesome photo art cards from my friend Deb (love them! Thank you!) and a book. My book. Squee!!! So cool. Something about my name on that spine that I shore do like. The bottom of the cover pic got slightly cropped and I effed up the page #'s inside so they start at the cover page, rather than the story...but honestly I was really pleased at the overall quality, and since it's just for friends and family I am not too fussed about the couple of small errors.

So yeah, a good day.


  1. Beautiful page and sounds like you had an all around great day! We all need keeps us healthy!

  2. Ooooh, congrats. I want a copy please.

  3. Did you get my request for a copy???? Also love the growth page... need to do a zen one for myself... cause I seem to have gotten off track over the last few months. What new artwork came for the COLLECTION????? I'm assuming it will be up soon.

  4. Thanks Julie. I am not always good with growth, because it most often comes with change...and embracing change takes me awhile, but lately a little growth feels good. :)

    And copy requests are duly noted. I am figuring out how to best order them, how much they'll cost etc. Alas, no free author copies when you self publish.

    And the DH is having trouble getting a good scan of the new artwork. It's by Craig Elliot, and it's awesome! So check back for it soon. Or check right now, he's gotten some really amazing stuff lately. My fav is the Don Quixote by Dice Tsutsumi!

  5. I think you will grow in this challenge & learn a lot about yourself in the process. Love your journal page!


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