Tuesday, April 28, 2009

30 Day Art Challenge: Day 1

Over at Mixed Media Arts, instead of an artist of the month for May, Gary has put out a 30 day challenge. The idea is to create and share an artwork a day for 30 days, and I've decided to do it.

I like the idea of forcing myself to be prolific...like a painting Nanowrimo. I won't have time to be fussy or perfectionist. Risks will have to be taken. Accidents accepted. Dragons slain. (otherwise known as inner critics!) I am hoping to emerge with a stronger sense of my own style, and of course more art skillz. And it just sounds like fun. I love to make art. It is my favourite thing to do right now, without question. So this challenge is almost like an excuse to play more!

The hardest part may be the sharing component. I still get squeamish and hold back at times. I mean, I am just a n00b with this art stuff, no one wants to see my artworks etc. etc. All that nasty inner critic crap that we all beat ourselves up with when it comes to creative pursuits. So 30 days of having to share works done quickly will, I am sure, be just as good for me as the art itself. And if I'm going to share there, I may as well share here on my own cozy corner. (easier to share here of course!)

So work #1 (because I am an eager little Hermione and couldn't wait 2 more days to get started!)

Which also happens to be a page from my quotation journal, which I said I wasn't going to show until it was done (I lie!). The quote is:

Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.
~GK Chesterton

And yes, it is supposed to be upside down. (don't ask me. ask my muse.) You can't see well in the pick-chur, but I am hella happy with the texture on this one. Old book pages (alas, 1984 I knew you well! *sniff*), heavy body paint sponged on for kind of a pebbly texture and then some sheer acrylic glazes. I like it. Another great thing about 30 days of quick work will be to stockpile ideas for fully developing more slowly later on. I will definitely revisit this particular texture.

So I am looking forward to a month of lots of art and beating dragons.

(PS Starting to feel better. Can you tell? ;)


  1. It must be my turn to be Crazy Lady, because this post made me all verklempt...

    So damn proud of you, E.

    This post just made my heart well up with pride and happiness for you. I am convinced that Art heals, man (Hippie Quote of the day.) Yep, defo crazy.

  2. I just saw your name on Julie's new class and had to see if you were the same E from Gary's class....and you are! I'm signed up for the 30 day challenge, too and for Julie's class. I haven't started my "official" 30 days yet. I really like the pages you've done here. Great depth and the colors are beautiful.

  3. Thanks Crazy Sistah Lady. :)

    And hey Janet! So nice to have a familiar face in class. We can sit at the back and pass notes. ;)

  4. I love this art! The colors, the contrast of the blues and the golds, the depth of the left side and the motion of the right!

    Thank you for sharing it!

  5. Hello friend! I love this Evangeline ... lovely colours & textures! Looking forward to sharing in your journey:) cheers, Maria


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