Thursday, April 30, 2009

30 Day Art Challenge: Day 3

Today was mostly laundry, cramps and one sick little boy....and of course, a little art:

9x12 mixed media on watercolour paper

Thinking about the one way path we're on in life. All roads lead to a certain end.

Our neighbour just died last week. He left behind 3 kids, the youngest is only 11. Every time I see his wife she just looks so alone.

Good to remember sometimes how finite this all is. How important it is to fill every day with the people and things you love, and to really make "the journey home".


  1. This is GLORIOUS!!! Scratchy...messy...colors...layers....delicious!!

  2. awesome E - an important lesson to remember too.

  3. Well said ... love this piece!

  4. Something to think about! And this piece is really spectatcular. One of my favorites of yours. Great colors, so much movement, and the jagged, scratchy ink is perfect!

  5. Love this art. Love the look, the feel and so especially the design. I am disconcertingly obsessed with the spiral form in art and nature. Hence the ammonites, nautilus shells, books on phi and the golden ratio and such that fill my just makes sense to me. I visualize the life journey as a climb up from the center, out into the world and life, until you get as far as you can, followed by an inexorable descent back down into whatever it is from whence we came. I used to think of life as a bell curve, but phi makes more sense to me now. I know, a therapist might have a field day...
    I'm sorry about your neighbor. I try to keep my brain busy so I don't go mad worrying about those awfuls touching my life directly. Hoping for luck, every day, I am, and hoping for comfort for the unlucky.
    Carpe Diem, keep expressing the inexpressable with your lovely art, and hug the ones you love, my friend :)

  6. I love this one!! And a great message too.

  7. Thank you everyone. I like this one too, the India ink, so much fun to play with!

    And Mel, I love your visuals with the circles! And "the awfuls" (I like that expression)...hard not to worry sometimes. I know there is some deeper truth about accepting suffering and pain and loss, and letting go of this idea of safety and possession...and sometimes I can almost get there, never quite though. The fear and worry is still at my shoulder when I turn around. Maybe it's that I just feel like I'm too lucky. Sometimes it just takes my breath away, thinking of all I have...and could lose. The hugging of the loved ones and the art helps. And of course, the dear, dear friends. :)

  8. I feel as if i am standing in the center of this piece and it is whirling like a cyclone around me. Was that the mean old witch that just went by on her bicycle?


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