Tuesday, May 25, 2010

#8 Bad Dreams


#8 My anxiety is hard to manage right now, and it seeps through into my dreams.

Made with: acrylic and ink, 16"x5" in a Moleskine watercolour notebook


  1. It gives me a sense of being on a rocky cliff with the sound of a vast ocean pounding far below. Lonely, blue, watery. And I'm convinced there is someone/something just behind and peaking around the child. What is she holding?

    It also gives me a sense of waiting for the unkown, but perhaps that is because my cup runneth over.

    Thank you for posting this, E.

  2. sorry to hear that. i hope the journaling helps. hugs xo

  3. hang in there, lucy honeychurch! i'll hoist a glass of wine in your honour this evening.

  4. So sorry about the anxiety spillover. I hate bad dreams. Sending you hugs across the miles.
    Spooky painting too. I wish we could make ourself dream strong, rejuvenating dreams. I dream of alien attacks and zombie infestations and alligators when I am stressed out. Ugh.
    Wishing you some sweet dreams and soon.

  5. blargh--sorry to hear about your bad dreams. I so know what that is like. at least you're channeling it in your lovely art!


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