Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#4 Ever Elusive Sleep


#4 The interesting thing about making really quick, intuitive pages is the surprise of what emerges. Why an open hand on an insomnia page?

Maybe because you can't grab at sleep. The more you reach for it the faster and farther it runs. Therefore an open hand could mean submission, openness, relaxation, an invitation...letting sleep creep up to you like a small, furtive animal and sniff your outstretched hand...and maybe, just maybe it will curl up next to you and stay the night if you're still and gentle enough.


  1. i like that! i have been insomnia gurl of late, so i'll give it a try

  2. I like the imagery in your words, E. Feelings relating to insomnia that I think of are much more desperate, pleading, feeding the cycle of exhaustion and in ability to relax and fall asleep. The black of your picture and the chalky, all caps white word, make me think of a slate blackboard in a classroom. Thank you for this lesson in inviting sleep.


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