Wednesday, May 19, 2010

#5 The Truth is Flawed


#5 What is truth anyway?

*shrugs and heads back to art desk*

Made with: 9"x7" canvas board, transfers, acrylics, book pages, mulberry paper, graphite and ink for Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen's Complex Collage class


  1. gorgeous depth! the light is beautiful... you are learning some mad skilz in that class. awesome.

  2. your amazing growth as an artist is really starting to piss me off. xo.

  3. truth is so a relative thing, odd but oddly true

    cool arting!

  4. Oh E, honestly. DELICIOUS. I can't even articulate what this one does for me. I am drop-jawed and in awe.

  5. wow... this is amazing... truely wonderful! I would hang this immeditaly in my bedroom!

  6. The truth is YOU are an amazing artist.

    This picture makes me want to know the story. My imagination reels wondering, what is happening? Is she turning away from the light or into the light? The truth orb - is it a mirror, or a light, or something else? i have a sense of a tunnel in the background, where does it leads. This is a woman in the midst of a grand adventure. I love the warmth of the light on her shoulder. Write me a story, E. Please write me a story to go with this picture.


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