Thursday, May 20, 2010

#6 The System is Broken


#6 The last few days I keep coming up against brick walls and dead ends, or am tangled up in red tape...waiting. Nothing works smoothly. The system is broken. Medical system, school system, food production and consumption system...all broken. We all know it. We all keep slogging along trying not to let the inadequacies and idiocy drive us mad. The better ways are often so clear, but usually so very hard to access.

Someday I will move off the grid, to a cabin in the woods. I'll raise chickens and goats, and make my own cheese, and brew strawberry beer, and never see a lawyer or a doctor or a bureaucrat of any kind again. Care to join me?

Made with: acrylics, graphite and ink


  1. i get a sense of optimism with a healthy dose of structure here. structure with variety and a kaleidoscope of colour. it's almost a tribute to your day-to-day. again, i love it.

    and count me in, at least for the cheese!

  2. see you there! sounds pretty ideal to me :)gorgeous work as always.

  3. You want to know what's wierd? I was thinking the same thing, need to get off the grid with some solar panels a pond and water pump, some chickens and a huge garden. I'm tired of progress, it sucks. but I was thinking in the future, maybe people will live in planned farming and gardening collectives, everybody contributing something. You watch the TED on the oceans being screwed? Seems like we're safe in the middle for now.
    Anyway, nice art, and i hear you.

    Kenny Wayne Shepard's Everything is Broken is the soundtrack for this post.

  4. First the art. Makes me think of Chihuly glass. I love how you've made paint look like brilliant colored glass glowing in the light!

    Off the grid? I'm ready. I'm a good cook, but I can't seem to grow anything. I want to use my powers for good, rather than evil (well consumerism) and I've been thinking about how to escape the trappings that keep me a wage slave.

  5. I'll take a cottage on the beach, but I'll come visit once in a while for a change of scenery.

  6. mmmm strawberry beer sounds good XD

    now my only issue with going completely off the grid is that i don't live in a clime that would allow me to grow my own chocolate...i have often pondered the solar panels, wind turbines and i love the gardening i am learning!!! but giving up chocolate...i dunno xD

    hope the red tape isn't still getting you down. i so know how that is--blargh

  7. No thanks, but I love the artwork.


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