Friday, May 21, 2010

#7 Circle of Friends

#7 Old and very beloved friends that we haven't seen in many years are coming for the weekend. Friendship which connects like a circle, not a line (drawn from self to self). A circle that goes round and round from self to self to self, reinventing, replenishing, inspiring, accepting. Existing as a world unto itself, independent of time and space, distance, circumstance, age, flaws, misunderstandings. A circle where the sense of where I end and you begin dissolves.

Made with: acrylics, charcoal, book pages & other collage papers


  1. i keep scrolling back up to look at it again. circles and yellow and green and layers. 4 of my fave things :) enjoy your weekend!

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  3. Perhaps it's the yellow behind the blue-ish green-ish circles, but this one also has a glass feel to me.

    Beautiful baubles, breaking beams of sunshine,
    move in the breeze. Imagining them hanging in a window, I can hear the faint music of them gently touching.

  4. i like this whole concept and execution!!

  5. i love this~ it would be on my wall!

  6. I really love this. The meaning of the circles and your use of colors are both fantastic!


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