Thursday, July 22, 2010

Loose End Girl

So much going on right now. Good things mostly. But I am having trouble moving my tasks and projects to completion, and each time I do cross something off my to do list, I turn around and add 3 new items. Such is life though, and mostly this juggling incompleteness doesn't phase me (ADHD has some advantages!).

But in order to be unbusy with my boys (this afternoon= homemade lollipops #47 on our summer list) and to keep things limping along around here, some things have to be put aside, and this is where the ADHD/Aspie-ness is a distinct disadvantage. I have SUCH a hard time prioritizing the non-essential things and then staying on task. I am driving myself a leetle nuts.

*wanders off in the wake of small shiny object*

PS I was given a beautiful blogger award by the lovely and oh, so talented Leel over at Angels in the Architecture. Her blog is wonderful and she is working on some super cool projects right now, so do check her out. The award does come with some rulez, however it being summer and me being as ornery as I am, I'm not going to play nicely, at least for now, but I am really chuffed at being called a "beautiful blogger". Thank you Leeley-Keel!

Now I am off to chase my own tail for several hours in a feeble attempt at productivity...wish me luck.


  1. Love your painting, love the dress! I know how you feel, going in 27 directions. I'm just trying to remember to have some fun and learn to just let the house be a little dirtier for a while. There's just too much else to do than clean, right? Hope your summer is made of fun.

  2. It IS made of fun! :) And right back atcha. I hope you and yours are having a wonderful time!

    And a "clean house"? What is that exactly? Wait a minute, I think I may have seen it on commercials... ;)

  3. I think this one's my favorite, of all your projects, that I've seen.

  4. Hi Evangeline,interesting blog, i will visit ur blog very often, hope u go for this website to increase visitor.Happy Blogging!!!

  5. yays for blogger award!! you are indeed a beautiful blogger!

    yes cleaning taking a backseat to summer fun ftw. i approve =)


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