Monday, November 22, 2010

A Very Harry Week

Dobby lives!!!
Life sized papier mache, with sock, greeting guests at the front door.

Myrtle, acrylic on plexiglass, lurking in the downstairs loo.

Our family's Weasley clock.

The potions bar for the underage wizards getting set up.

Pomona Sprout's fruit & veggie platter in progress and the beginnings of the grown up potions bar.

Almost ready for the feast.

Mandrakes ready for re-potting.

Don't worry, we cast Muffliato. No ear muffs required.
No posts last week. No time for posts last week! It was a jam packed week of getting ready for the HP party!

I wish I had more pics of some of the completed set ups and food to show you, but it is only thanks to my brother in law that I have any photos at all. I was too busy to have camera in hand.

We all went to a noon showing of Deathly Hallows pt 1, along with some of the boys' friends. I must say that I am an ENORMOUS fan of the books, but have never been that keen on the movies. I mean, it is wonderful as a Potter fan to see the world brought to life on the big screen, but it can also be very, very frustrating at times (Michael Gambon's Dumbledore...need I say more?). But this first half of DH was the most faithful to the plot and characters of any of the later movies, and it was beautifully shot. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After the movie, we dropped off the extra kids and came home to party with just family. We all got into our wizard kit, and everyone went all out. There was everything from striped stockings a la Wicked Witch of the East on my mom (with full wizard robes and matching lipstick too!) to a dark mark tattoo and black wig for the DH as Snape (we were the alternate reality Snape & Lily couple, with 2 little blonde kids...don't ask how we got from there into this reality. I don't know for sure, but it was something very wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey Dr. Who-ish, of course.).

There was a make your own potions bar, a fruit & veg platter from Professor Sprout and goat's cheese courtesy of Aberforth. For supper, shepherd's pie. For dessert, pumpkin pasties, treacle tart and chocolate frogs.

In between courses the boys knocked our socks off as the highly amusing duo Messrs Swish & Flick, makers of finest Canadian wands (obviously with the disappearance of Ollivander and the Death Eaters on a rampage we were in need of some wands), and the birthday people had to solve riddles found on golden snitches in order to get to their presents. It was fantastic!

Today finds me basking in the afterglow of all the fun, and familial warmth. Everyone contributed something to the party (especially my sister Elizabeth who came early and worked at my side like a house elf getting everything ready. Thank you! Couldn't have done it without you!), and everyone was so full of laughter and enthusiasm. Not to mention the fact that most drove hours here and back through prairie snowstorms to be together. I am feeling patronus-producing joyful to have such a family, not a squib in the bunch....all full on magical.

A little blood here and there because they were beaten up by the Carrows (their idea, not mine). This was the first of 3 costume changes for them!

And because the boys would only let me post a picture of them if I did one of me too. That's my beautiful and beloved Elizabeth on the left, potions in hand.


  1. O.M.G. that looks like the most amazing party eveeeerrrrrrr. the boys looks (ok i was gonna type adorable, but what boy wants to be adorable, soooo) UBER COOL!! and you and your sis look sooo beautiful. i am jealous, but in the good nerdenvy way =P WOOT! must link this page to my little nerdsistah, she squee for sure!!

  2. Well of course they were beaten up by the Carrows. All heroes are! Did you MAKE this stuff?! Dobby & Myrtle & clocks and Mandrakes?! This is amazing! Thank you to Bro in law for getting pics. I'll just bet you were running yer butt off. I really like the altern.reality Lily & Snape. Truth be told, James WAS a bit of a prat. You made pumpkin pasties!? Sigh. The boys look utterly misrable....NOT! Great Party, She Who Must Be Praised!

  3. You are truly a wizard -- a party wizard! What a magical transformation and amazing talent. Looks like great fun. And truth be told made me a little tear eyed, in an amazed / happy sort of way.

  4. good gravy! i do not know how you do it. i get excited when i don't burn my breakfast.

    and those are wonderful pictures! the boys look different from a mere few months ago. and you and Queen Hotelier look amazing.

  5. Thanks guys! It was so much work, but worth every second.

    And yes to Ms. Deb, I did make the mandrakes/Myrtle/clock and Dobby (he's my FAVOURITE. I may have to leave him out year round).

  6. It was a most fabulous and magical time. So happy to have been a part of it!

  7. Everything has to be left out year round!!! d

  8. amazing! wow. that is one magical event you pulled off there sister! bravo! looks like everyone had a ball.the details - astounding :) Myrtle is amazing, for example. I could go on and on. lovely to see the faces, your especially! (hugs)

  9. I didn't understand what you were talking about for over half of this post. ;) Still enjoyed every word of it. And just love being a part of what you do. Craig is right - the boys look different, changed, more grown up than they did even a few months ago. They've filled out a little? Anyways, it's hard to tell with all that blood. ;)

    Way to go, girl. The clock is my fave. I think you should leave that up year-round.


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