Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On the Clock

I have exactly 38 minutes to write this post and catch up on as much of blogland as I can.
("Make haste! Make haste!" as Mr. Collins would say when his noble patroness was not to be kept waiting.)

The Party

The Party was wonderful. The calvary arrived on Friday night in the form of 3 of my sisters, 2 to help mightily with the party prep and one, the DQ, to be full of love and enthusiasm and keep everyone's spirits high, and the party went off without a hitch. 3 and a half hours of video games, junk food and uproarious fun. There is simply no word in the English language to describe the wildly pitched cacophony that 14 pre pubescent boys can make when they get together. Ears still ringing. But fun. BIG fun. Worth every minute of work. Below is the cake, with a quarter for scale.

We sent home very tired, but satisfied boys, and heard a resounding chorus of "best party ever!". Woo hoo! Whatever I can do to grease those social wheels for my boys is so worth it.

The More DQ

She is staying for a little more than a week. I am thrilled! At Christmas she was ill, and unable to really participate or connect much, and it feels like a long while since we've had quality sister time. Right now she is on the other computer playing games where she decorates cakes and cooks stuff. Food is really her biggest passion right now, so we elected this as Kitchen Goddess week. She has chosen a different dish for us to make every day, so expect some food blogging this week (hasty food blogging, because between her needs and the boys I will be kept on my toes!).

The DQ measuring fish sauce for last night's Vietnamese Chicken & Green Beans.

OK I am off. Time's up.


  1. FABULOUS!! Great success. Yes to greasing those social wheels. It must have been chaos tho. :-D 14 boys! I can't even imagine the noise level. You must have been frayed by the end of the party. Lucky boys. AND DQ chef week. How wonderful. Look at her concentration. Fancy food for miles. This should pull you out of the February doldrums, hey? deb

  2. looking forward to cooking goddess week!! you know how i like to live vicariously through your food xD

  3. great cake and bet it was big fun, you're the best!!

  4. oy gevalt, i'm plotzing over here.

  5. Glad to hear that all was a success! I knew it would be. YAY!


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