Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What a Mom Does

Yesterday I worked for 7+ hours (in between my usual running the boys back & forth to school etc.), with this song running through my head...

...over & over in a loop. The boys' 11th birthday is coming up on Saturday, and I was making Super Mario Bros wall decor for the party room downstairs. It took about 3 times as long as I reckoned it would (me & time, I tell ya. Like strangers in the night. Like oil & water. Like colonial America and Great Britain. Just not meant to get along.), but despite the frustration, it does look rather cool in the end.

For example:

We took down some posters/pictures in the Star Wars themed "teenager" room, and put these up in little vignettes all around the room (note Master Yoda in the corner looking on, perturbed at the interlopers).

On today's agenda doing some last minute repairs to the Kirby pinata and making marshmallow fondant for the cake. So many other things I would rather be doing/ really ought to be doing, but trying to take a deep breath and sloooOOOoow down. Eleven. Years. Old. Right on the cusp of metamorphosis. I should be so lucky as to spend 7 hours making party decorations for these boys, still boys....still squeaking with glee over how much they love the Mario pixel cutouts, still fighting over who gets to stick which one to the wall, still giving big hugs in gratitude for my making their party "so cool".
Slow down.
Savour it.
It is all going to change so fast.


  1. I wanna come back as your child!! how fun that would be!! I always wanted to be a princess!! would you mind dressing me in tutu's and crowns? you are a great mom!!! xo

  2. oooh, that song just makes me want to work faster! You are the uber mom, you rock, and you know how fleeting these days are, and you are soaking it all in and doing it right. Hooray for you! Hope they have the best time, and you have fun at the party too!

  3. So awesome... they are way better than what was on thinkgeek!!!!
    Way to go!
    E was right... you did a great job and worked so hard!

  4. Hello Evangeline :) I found your blog via a comment you left on mine at Welcome to Normal. I am having a love affair with your art, your cakes, your ability to prioritize the reading of literature...

    I have just been putting 2 and 2 together but fear I may have come up with 5... if the answer is 4 then you are Annotated Alice... if the answer is 5 then you have not the foggiest clue what I am talking about...

  5. That looks so cool. Good job, mom. :)

  6. go team awesome party throwing momma!!!!! *waves pom* you can do it, and as per usual, it will be beyond awesome. good idea to savour every moment <3

  7. This is going to be another B-Day to remember for the boys! All those other things that crowd our life will fade to meaninglessness when you look back at life and realize, these are the times that made all the difference.


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