Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Gratitude and Magic Trees

There is nothing like sunshine and freedom to break through the grey. We are on our first week of summer vacation, and the weather is fine. Long hot days, blue skies, happy kids, and very few chores that can't wait until after -after swimming, after reading, after making something insanely yummy to eat, after a trip to the zoo or a walk in The Forest.

The Forest is the place we go for Hobbit walks. It is right in the city, and close to our neighbourhood. A piece of land left mostly as it ever was, with towering elms and maples and a lazy river running through it. It is a place full of old magic, you can feel it, and we love it there. Local carvers have been at work there too, carving Spirit Trees.

The boys and I have been talking about doing some sort of art that we can leave there too to make our own contribution to the enchantment.


  1. What magic! Such a treasure to have close to home. It is lovely to see a post from you, and better still to know you are soaking up summer fun. Can't wait to see what you make for the enchanted forest. My husband was on a carving spree for a while and taught himself to make a few of the old men of the forest carvings. Maybe I'll get him carving again this coming winter. Enjoy your warm carefree days. xo

  2. Wonder - full forest!
    Sounds like a great to start to your summer. Did the boys make a list of activities that they want to do over the summer?

  3. That is some seriously awesome enchantment. Glad to hear that summer is working its magic on you. Hugs,

  4. These trees are absolutely amazing. What a magical setting within nature.

  5. so behind. so glad to catch up! that sure is one magical place you have nearby. those carvings are amazing! did you guys figure something out to contribute? great idea!

  6. Hi, hope your social media break and summer are going very well. Have you ever seen this blog? Her post She Was... really got to me...
    and her art made me think of you a little.


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