Monday, December 6, 2010

All Aboard

The proof, it seems, is in the blogging.

Yesterday was a relaxing day. The DH is having a bad time of it, so plans were chucked and we stayed at home and it became a peaceful, slow paced day of odds and ends...a little financial stuff, a little laundry, a little playing outside in the snow, some D&D character building with the boys (NERD ALERT: more on this later!), some episodes of Firefly with the DH (jury is still out on this show for me) and Christmas organizational stuff. The decorations and tree were up last week, the zines are made and assembled, shopping is done (well, maybe a few more leetle things for the DQ and the hard to stop when it comes to them!), packages for "back home" should be ready to ship out in the next couple of days and a baking wish list as long as your arm has been most eagerly scribed. The DQ has been calling EVERY DAY since the beginning of October to talk wrapping paper and holiday foods. But despite dutifully plugging along on my X-mas to do's and being as spritely and enthusiastic as can be for the DQ, I ain't been feeling it.

Until yesterday, that is...when suddenly it hit, the velvet-eyed, heart-full Krees-muss anticipation! I can't wait.

I thought I was late this year, understandable due to recent stresses, but as I said at the beginning, the proof is in the blogging. Exactly one year ago to the day is when I got my Christmas on last year. Apparently I am like clockwork. December 5th, and the Christmas cuckoo chimes and the Holiday Express pulls away from the station. (50 points if you got the Story Box reference. No, a hundred...100 points for you!)

So away we go. It is on. Time to bake (yay!), and to wrap, and to make the magic happen.


  1. well it's about damn time! we've been decorated for almost a month now, and i've already made myself nauseous on Tea Love.

  2. the jury is still out on firefly??? WHAT?? ....i don't think we can be friends anymore. xD

    i am so glad that you had such a lovely chill day, and that you got your holiday spirit on! this means that i can once more live vicariously through your charles dickens-esque christmasing! woot.

    hope that there is much merry as you prep for the big day.


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